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Never miss a call. Never miss a sale.

VoIP offers a secure, flexible system that not only meets your needs today, but grows with your company in the future. Our time-saving features and industry-leading technology puts better communication right at your fingertips.



Why VoIP?

What is VoIP?

Simply put, VoIP is a communications technology platform that allows you to make and receive calls, voicemail, and fax documents via your internet connection rather than conventional phone lines. This means greater reliability, exciting and time-saving features, and flexibility that can grow and change with your business -- and offers calling features that your traditional phone provider can’t provide.

Cloud-based VoIP technology allows you greater flexibility when growing or changing your business communication processes. And since everything takes place over your internet connection, you don’t have to make room for bulky, expensive telephone equipment on your company’s premises.


We Have You Covered.

Even if you Loose Power or Internet

Our optional failover devices automatically switch to 4G LTE broadband cellular service ensuring maximum business uptime, even when the unexpected happens.

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Why is VoIP best for my business?

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Reliability. Because your calls will be routed through our high-end cloud-based servers, you’ll never experience downtime due to local power or internet outages.

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Features. With over 100 features like call routing, call forwarding, and auto attendant, you save time and money. Best of all, you select only the features you need, and never pay for ones you don’t.

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No capital expenditures. Because your VoIP system is hosted on our servers, you don’t need to invest in bulky, expensive equipment that takes up room in your office and requires ongoing maintenance.

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Flexibility and scalability. While traditional phone service is expensive to upgrade or quickly adjust as your business grows, your cloud-based VoIP technology allows you to add and remove phones, numbers, and extensions quickly whenever needed. Also, VoIP allows you to answer customer calls wherever you are using mobile technology, which means you never miss a call if you’re away from the office.

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Be a big player with a small budget. In order to stay competitive, small businesses need to be able to communicate as quickly and efficiently as their big-box counterparts. With FranchisePhones, you get the same hardware, features, and support as your biggest competitors at a price that fits your budget.

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Tracking ROI. Know exactly where your marketing dollars are working or not working with our integrated analysis and reporting platform. We can alert you to trends in your key metrics that may be costing your business money and help you capitalize on those that are performing well.


Phone System in a Box®


The perfect turn-key VoIP Phone Service package for small and medium businesses.


A Track Record of Success

Thousands of business owners from leading companies depend on Clarity every day. They may be from different industries, but they all need reliable phone service, day in and day out. We never lose sight of that.


RPM Freight Systems
Construction Helicopters Inc.

Phone Service to Make
Your Profits Soar

More than just a dialtone, Phone System in a Box® by Clarity is full-featured communications technology that gives your business a decisive advantage. But a list of features is useless without clear explanations of what they’re good for. Our experienced team of experts will bring this advanced technology to life, and then guide you through which features you need — and which you don’t.


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We Actually Care

It may sound like lip service in this day and age, but we actually care about your clients’ experience with our services. So much so that we encourage you to talk directly with our FranchisePhones President. Try that with another phone company.

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We Understand You

Being founded and led by former consultants (like you), we get that hosted VoIP isn’t the same as selling a PRI circuit. To your customers, you’re the trusted expert. You need a partner who understands that you’re held accountable for details much deeper than dialtone. You’ll appreciate the experience we’ve gained from thousands of SMB installations. So will your customers.

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We Are Strong

We’re financially sound and privately held, so we’re not out to please greedy investors. We’ve been doing hosted VoIP exclusively, since 2005, and we’re considered the “Thought Leaders” in cloud phone service. Clarity owns the back-office technology that is placed in geographically diverse data centers, with interconnect to multiple other telecom companies. While it makes our genius engineers giddy to control technology, you simply experience leadership in quality, consistency and flexibility.

Plans as low as $19.95/month!