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Virtual installation

Installing your new system yourself should take about an hour.


  1. Unpack your router and phones
  2. Plug the router to your modem and the phones to the router
  3. Log into the Clarity portal to set up your extensions, auto-attendant and other functions

On-site Installation

We’ll be happy to come to your location and install your phone system for you.

Our on-site Installation will take up to 3 hours and consists of:

  1. On the scheduled day during the arrival window, the Field Engineer will arrive at your site and complete the Clarity® Check-in Procedure.
  2. Following the Clarity® On-Site Installation Guide, the Field Engineer will perform the following tasks:
    • Install (1) Firewall into network, replacing any existing firewall.
      1. Ensure your internet connectivity
      2. If there is a static IP, enter static IP credentials into the firewall and ensure internet connectivity.
    • Ensure cabling to existing switches and devices remains intact.
    • Connect (1) switch, if required, to firewall and ensure patch panel cabling is done correctly for each terminal.
    • Deploy up to six (6) IP phones
    • Call Clarity® Network Consultant for network configuration and optimization.
    • Ensure network connectivity for each phone with the Clarity® Network Consultant.
    • Confirm successful registration for each phone.
    • Place inbound calls to confirm correct Caller ID information is displayed. Repeat for each terminal/station.
      1. Place outbound test call.
  3. The Field Engineer will complete the Clarity® Closure Procedure.

Clarity® On-site Installation – Additional Charges

Travel Tier – Miles from center Major Metro (200k+ population) – USA ONLY

0-30 miles Included
31-50 miles $50
51-75 miles $75
76-100 miles $125
101-150 miles $175
151-200 miles $225
201+ miles $400

Other Additional Charges

Cancellations 2+ business days
prior to installation
$150 $250
No access to site/site not ready $150 $250
Hard date and time arrival $40 $50
Two-hour window arrival Included
Cable run (per) $100 $140
ATA fax adaptor $20 $25
Cisco SPA112 $20 $25
Sierra Wireless Device $20 $25
Vertex Caller ID $20 $25
External Also Ringer Install $150 $200

Optional Services

Cable Drop – estimate 1 business hour on site/per cable run. (This is not offered as a standalone service.)

External Ringer or Fax ATA Installation – (There is an additional charge for this service)

  1. While on-site, the Field Engineer will perform the following additional tasks for the external ringer:
    • Keep current language for a-d
  2. While on-site, the Field Engineer will perform the following additional tasks for the Fax ATA:
    • Install (1) Audio Codes Fax ATA into network:
      1. Plug the Ethernet cable into the WAN port of the Audio Codes and the router
      2. Plug the RJ-11 cable into Line 1 of the Audio Codes and the fax machine
    • Call Clarity® Network Consultant to confirm registration
    • Send and receive a test fax
  3. The Field Engineer will complete